Rig Ratz Safety is COR certified under the Energy Safety Canada audit protocol and is an approved contractor with Complyworks and ISNetworld.


Rig Ratz Safety is a company of integrity and reliability. This platform is made up of policies and standards that frame what we believe and how we do our work. Our key policies are listed below.  Click the arrow for a description.

Health and Safety Policy

Key Expectations

  • Encourage positive attitudes toward safety
  • Promote safe and healthy working conditions
  • Limit adverse effects of unsafe incidents on the environment
Environment Protection Policy

Key Expectations

  • Minimize environmental impacts in all activities
  • Look for opportunities to minimize waste through reuse or recycling
  • Avoid cross contamination of waste streams
  • Use proper disposal of waste products


Successful companies are built upon rock-solid systems and programs.  We consider ourselves a leader in well developed, consistent programs and processes. Our key programs are listed below.  Click the arrow for a description.

Health & Safety Program

Key Components

  • Worker Rights and Responsibilities
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Control
  • Policies, Safe Work Practices and Procedures
  • Training
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Incident and Accident Reporting and Investigation
Training Program

Key Components

  • Orientation at time of hiring
  • On-the-Job training
  • Periodic refresher training
Environmental Program

Key Components

  • Contamination prevention
  • Resource conservation
  • Restoration


"The staff at Rig Ratz are dependable - they show up on time and get the job done in a cost effective manner."

"Rig Ratz provides a highly efficient, dependable service to the Oil and Gas industry. Without reservation, we would recommend them to any client."